Friday, May 18, 2012

My oh My Noah's Almost Here!

Well, hello there... I really had intended on posting an update several weeks ago but I have found that with most of my loved ones on facebook that this can be sort of redundant. I am not keeping this blog to "entertain" an audience like so many advertising bloggers out there ... just to keep loved ones posted on what's happening in our world lately... and facebook status updates seem to do the trick quickly and easily. And it's less of a commitment than updating a blog. I'll keep trucking with this thing though because it's nice to be able to look back and see what all has happened. :)
As you may know, I was hospitalized after a May 3rd field trip to Cypress Gardens. I walked a couple miles that day and ended up with blood pressure through the roof and scared some docs / nurses. They released me two days later after they ruled out pre-eclampsia. But this ended up landing me on maternity leave one week early ... which has been a HUGE nightmare. It's very difficult to be a teacher and tie up the end of year strings from home. :( Remind me not to have any more babies at the end of May again. Or August. That is going to be another nightmare if I am still on leave (which I hope to be)! Brian was wonderful while I was in the hospital and has continued to be since I've been home. I am so blessed to be married to someone that loves me so much and will do anything to make this more bearable!! 

 I am now 38 weeks and Noah is scheduled to be delivered next Friday. One week from now he will be here! I can't believe it ... and can't begin to describe the nervousness and anxiety that keeps creeping over me and Brian. I have been experiencing contractions and am 50% effaced ... it really could be anytime now. I really would love for him to come before next Friday because the nights are becoming less and less sleepless and more and more filled with worry. His omphalocele doubled in size to 7cm at his last ultrasound ... which scared me because this increased his chances of needing multiple surgeries. But I've researched and asked around some more and it is still very likely that this can be taken care of all at one time and he can be home with us in less than two weeks. 

Bryce has been home all week with what has probably been the flu. He hasn't had a fever for this many days probably ever. He really hasn't felt that bad ... very mild symptoms which is good! He wants to play with the neighbors and with Andrew but I have made him stay inside most of the week. I've kept in touch with our family doc / my good friend Jen and she said I've been doing the right thing... so that's good! And he's had 6 kids out in his class this week - so something is definitely going around! YUCK!

But with Bryce being sick I have gotten my own little case of cabin fever! Resting is good now but I have always been the kind of person that can't stay in one place for too long. When I just can't sit still any longer I've been working on Noah's nursery. I can't wait to get him here and actually use these sweet things we've been collecting for the past several months. With all the adorable outfits we've received, he'll definitely be the best dressed baby boy in Charleston. 

The big boys are very excited for summer to get here! Andrew has two more weeks of school but the BIG countdown for him is to Noah. He painted a precious tile for him yesterday so he has a contribution to the nursery. Andrew is going to be an amazing big brother. I announced last night that Noah will graduate from high school in 2030 and Andrew was SHOCKED that he'll be 30 when that happens! He could be married with a kid or two by then. It really started to sink in that they will be 12 years apart! I think it's going to be a really special relationship. 

I will wrap this up with a couple pictures from a shark study we took Bryce to last weekend at the park by our house. 

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